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Hydride Purification System
Aeronex Infinity On-site Regenerable Systems for Hydride Gases
EGPS on-site Regenerable Purification System for Hydride Gases
Aeronex patented ambient temperature purification technologies
Inorganic Catalysist
Ambient temperature operation
In-situ automatic regeneration
Instant on (即时开机) – at startup and recovery from power off
Instant off (即时关机) – no complex purge/cooling to remove process gases
Operates at full flow rate with low pressure drop
Lowest cost-of-ownership (no replacement purifier beds needed / non-consumptive media)

Purification Systems for Amonia (NH3)

Removes O2, CO, CO2, H2O and non-methane hydrocarbons

Outlet Impurities: <1 ppb (H2O, O2, CO, CO2, NMHCs)
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