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LDP & LPS Low Press. Monitor
UE (Precision Sensors) ECHOLINE and LPS low differential pressure monitor
ECHOLINE Low Pressure Monitor
Complies with UL 991 and UL 508;
Discreet all analog electronic components - no microprocessor enhances safety;
Conformance to S2-0200 and CE;
Bright LED display, flash upon alarm;
High and low alarm set points;
"Maintenance Mode" to prevent false trips during ventilation system balancing;
Adjustable time delay to eliminate false trips;
Latching relay output (Option "M01" for non-latching design);
Optional 4-20 mA output;
Plug-in terminal block wiring;
Optional selectable units from inches WC to Pascal;

Medium: Clean Dry Air
Type: Field Adjustable
Range: 0 ~ 0.2 "(LDP0.2),0.5 "(LDP0.5),1 "(LDP1),2 "(LDP2),5 "(LDP5),10 "(LDP10),20 "(LDP20),100”(LDP100) WC
0 ~ 50(LDP50),100(LDP100),200(LDP200),500(LDP500),1000(LDP1000),2000(LDP2000),10000(LDP10KP),20000(LDP20KP) Pa
Proof Pressure: ± 14.5 psig >= 1" WC
± 80" < 1" WC
Burst Pressure: 20 psig
Deadband: 1%
Switching Response: 1 Sec. to 30 Sec.
Switching Output: 1A @ 30 VDC
Switch Point: Field Adjustable
Switch Repeatability: ± 0.5% F.S.
Input Power: 12 to 24 VDC
Analog Outputs: 4 - 20 mA
Status: LED In Range
Operating Temp. Range: 0° to 40°C
Display Accuracy: 1% F.S., 0° to 40°C
Min. Operating Life: 5 Million cycles
Approvals: UL, CE
Warranty: 36 Months
Media Connections: 1/4" tubing (push to seal)
Barbed hose fitting
LPS Low Pressure Switching Monitor
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