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Bulk/Utility Filters
The high-strength, highly reliable alternativeto fluoropolymer filters.
Bulk/Utility Filters
Mott provides the high-strength, all-metal solution to filtration requirements for utility lines inside the wafer fab, as well as flow streams at the gas pad. Unlike the Teflon-based filters used historically for these applications, Mott's Utility Line and Bulk Filters are not subject to failure caused by high temperatures and pressure spikes. Mott GasShield®; Bulk Gas Filters are warranteed for 15 years from the date of purchase.
The optimum filtration media.
Mott filters are constructed with a patented sintered nickel porous media that offers unsurpassed filtration characteristics. The media is not susceptible to failure from pressure and flow fluctuations, and is ideally suited to the higher temperatures that can be encountered downstream of a purifier during a heated dry down of a gas supply system. Like all Mott High Purity filters, the Utility Line and Bulk Filters provide 9-log filtration of particles down to 0.0015µ;m. In addition, the flow versus differential pressure performance of the filter is equal or superior to the performance of competitive Teflon®; products on the market today.
9 log reduction value.
Greater than 99.9999999% removal of all particles down to 0.0015µ;m; confirmed at the most penetrating particle size of 0.08µ;m.
Consistent operation under challenging conditions.
Operating temperatures up to 450°C (842°F) (inert gas).
Total hydrocarbons below detectable limit.
Maximum inlet pressure rated at 300 – 650 psi.
All units are He leak-rated at maximum 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec.
Fast dry down achievable to parts per trillion.
>1 trillion particles retained at twice the rated flow with zero particles detected downstream of tested filters.
Recommended for use with most process gases – 100% 316L stainless steel and nickel filter elements are available.
Rugged, high-quality construction.
10 Ra surface finish on all internal wetted hardware components.
Optimized filtration area maintains specified particle retention at controlled pressure drop for greater particle load and increased filter life.
All-welded construction assures elimination of out-gassing due to polymer seats and structures.
Clean start-to-finish packaging.
Class 100 assembly, welding and testing meet SEMI standards.
Class 100 clean room double-bagged – internal bag is Nylon 6, outer bag is poly.
BGF310 Bulk Gas Filter
BGF310H Bulk Gas Filter
BGF315 Bulk Gas Filter
BGF315H Bulk Gas Filter
BGF610 Bulk Gas Filter
BGF610H Bulk Gas Filter
BGF615 Bulk Gas Filter
BGF615H Bulk Gas Filter
BGF615HF Bulk Gas Filter
BGF-323 Bulk Gas Filter
BGF-12P23 Bulk Gas Filter
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