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High-Flow Filters
The performance of Mott metal, with the flow of Teflon®;.
GSP11215H1 POU & Utility Gas Filter
GSP11215H3 POU & Utility Gas Filter
GSP1500 POU & Utility Gas Filter
DEF2000 DEFENDER Gas Filter
GasShield PENTA High Flow Filters
The performance of Mott metal, with the flow of Teflon®;.

Consistent operation under challenging conditions
9-LRV reduction value – Greater than 99.9999999% removal of all particles down to 0.0015µ;m; confirmed at the most penetrating particle size of 0.08µ;m.
Unsurpassed strength – Mott porous metal gives GasShield filters the strength to withstand temperatures to 450Â;¡;C, and pressures to 3750 psig – offering resistance to harsh conditions, and the greatest peace of mind against disaster.
No media migration – Mott media is held together by solid-state diffusion bonding, a type of molecular adhesion that prevents particles from breaking loose from the media and entering the gas stream.
Rugged, high-quality construction.
5 Ra surface finish on all internal hardware components.
Our nickel media is sintered with no binders or slurry so "the only material of construction of the media is the media."
Filter element is designed to provide required flow at minimal pressure drop while minimizing surface area to provide virtually zero out-gassing.
All-welded construction eliminates out-gassing which accompanies polymeric filters.
Housings of 316L VAR/electropolished stainless steel.
Clean start-to-finish packaging.
Preconditioned with clean dry nitrogen.
Class 100 clean room manufactured and packaged. Multiple bags to ensure dryness.
Packaging is designed to maintain the purity of the filter prior to installation.
GasShield Defender High Flow Ultra High Efficiency Series Filters
High Flow Gas Streams Meet 9-LRV Filtration

316L Stainless Steel Media
True 9-LRV Filtration Efficiency of Particles as Small as 0.0015 μm;
Confirmed at the Most Penetrating Particle Size of 0.08 μm
Operating Temperature up to 450°C (Inert Gases)
Operating Pressure to 2500 PSIG (172.4 Bar) at 52°C
316L VAR Stainless Steel Housing Construction
5Ra Surface Finish on Gas Wetted Surfaces
1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec Helium Leak Rating
< 1 Particle/Ft3 Particle Shedding
Maximum Forward and Reverse Differential Pressure of 1000 PSID (68.9 Bar) @ 52°C
Manufactured, Cleaned and Packaged in a Class 100 Clean Room
Total Hydrocarbon Emissions Below Detectable Limits
Moisture Contribution <10 ppb After One Hour at Low-flow Ambient Purge.
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