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Filters for Biopharm Processes
Mott also manufactures cartridge filters for vent, steam and gas line applications. These all-metal products provide superior strength, performance, and long life in biopharmaceutical processes. Mott porous metal performs in high temperatures, corrosive environments, and provides mechanical stability. Cartridges are available with 222 or 226 Code 7 connections and can be purchased separately or with the filter housing. O-rings are also available in a wide variety of materials.
All-Metal Vent Filters for Pressurized Air or Gases in Extreme Environments
All-Metal Vent Filters for Pressurized Air or Gases in Extreme Environments
Biopharmaceutical processes that require air filtration or venting applications in high temperature environments provide a serious challenge for traditional PTFE, PVDF and polypropylene filter products. Mott all-metal 316LSS or Nickel alloy filter cartridges provide superior safety and long service life in biotech environments with elevated temperatures and oxidation stress.
Mott's all-metal filter cartridges provide a robust solution to these extreme environments. With differential pressure capabilities above 250 psid and operating temperature up to 450°C (842°F), Mott all-metal vent filters provide superior performance, longer life and m more effective filtration than competing plastic membrane technologies.
All-Metal Steam Filters for Excellent Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Stability
High purity steam filters prevent SIP systems from being contaminated and help increase the life of adjoining equipment. They prevent particulate and impurities from diminishing the life of valves, filters, steam jackets and other ancillary equipment.
Mott's all-metal filters incorporate sintered porous stainless steel filter media that ensures effective particle retention. The filter cartridges are available in several media grades and come in various cartridge lengths of 10, 20, 30, and 40 inches.
All-Metal Gas Filters for Oxygen Service Applications
Process engineers in life sciences are increasingly turning to enrichment techniques to increase oxygen mass transfer and maximize cell growth. These techniques in bioreactor systems can lead to safety challenges because elevated levels of oxygen in bioreactor air flows can increase the risk of spontaneous ignition of conventional air sterilizing filter materials like PTFE.
Mott's High Purity Team offers a gas filter cartridge utilizing sintered porous nickel media which greatly reduces the safety hazards associated with adiabatic pressure release and ignition (Other filter media is available upon request). These cartridges are designed to remove particles and biomass from air and gas streams providing filtration levels down to 0.003µ;m. They also include standard 226 double o-ring style adapaters for easy retrofit into existing filter housings.
Sanitary Filter Housings for Bio-Processing
Mott High Purity sanitary inline housings are designed for pharmaceutical, biotech, and food and beverage process gas filtration applications. These housings hold one single open-ended sanitary style filter cartridge. Benefits of this housing are:

Low hold-up volume – maximizing product recovery
Available in T-Line or Inline Designs
20 Ra Electro-polished internal finish
Locking flanges with 2-226 all-metal filter cartridges.
No need for springs or bayonet caps
Easy-draining features allow quick removal of product, CIP solution, and steam condensate
Automated orbital welding – produces consistent high-quality welds
Quick connect/disconnect vent coupling – enables easy hook-up to filter integrity test systems
Manufactured for use under cGMP

Materials of Construction: 316L SA 312 / 316L SA 240
Finish: Interior 20µ; RA / Exterior 32µ; RA
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