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Liquid Source Vapor Filters
Low pressure drop, high particle capture efficiency, high particle holding capacity, all 316L Stainless Steel construction, ideal for very low pressure drop liquid vapor precursors filtration.
FLP515 Precursor Vapors Filter
FLT515 High Flow Precursor Vapors Filter
Liquid Source Vapor Filters
Designed for Low Pressure Drop Applications
High Flow Rate/Low Pressure Drop
Ideal for Low Vapor Pressure Gases from Liquid Source Volatile Precursors
High Temperature Tolerance (up to 450°C)
Maximum Inlet Pressure up to 2500 PSIG
100% 316L Stainless Steel Construction
1 x 10-9atm cc/sec Helium Leak Rate
Cleaned and Packaged in Class 100 Clean Room
Removal Rating: ≥ 0.0015 µ;m
9-Log filtration up to 100slpm
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