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IGS Filters
High-precision, high-flow, all-metal filtration engineered specifically for Integrated Gas System (IGS) assemblies.
GSMM-75 series 1.125” C-Seal Stainless Steel Fiber Metal IGS Filter
GSMM-55 series 1.125” W-Seal Stainless Steel Fiber Metal IGS Filter
GSMM75 1.5” & 1.125” C-Seal Surface Mount (IGS) Filters
GSMM55 1.5” & 1.125” W-Seal Surface Mount (IGS) Filters
IGS Filters
High flow rates – Mott porous metal media has unique properties that allow for the production of a wider range of flow, material and configuration options than our competitors. This flexibility in geometry provides filters with flow ratings of up to 100 slpm while meeting the envelope requirements of the industry.
Complete range of product configurations – Mott’s standard IGS modular mount offerings include the 1.125" configuration with C-Seal or W-Seal, as well as the 1.5" version with C-Seal or W-Seal. We have the design you need.
Wide choice of materials – Mott IGS filters are constructed of 316L SS, Hastelloy®; C-22 or PENTA®; Nickel, the most comprehensive offering in the industry. This translates to chemical compatibility with virtually any gas used in semiconductor production today, without elastomers or other non-metallic materials which could flex or shed particles.
Flexible flow control – Flow restrictors are available in IGS designs which exhibit the same reliability, quality and performance of the Mott in-line restrictors in wide use throughout the semiconductor industry.

Mott IGS Filter Configurations.
Mott offers a full line of filters and flow restrictors to support the integrated systems solutions for process tool gas systems and facility-wide gas distribution systems (including valve manifold boxes, gas interface boxes, modular gas sticks and purge panels).
1.125" designs
Available in C-Seal and W-Seal configurations
Flow passages equivalent to 1/4" tubing
Standrd flow rates up to 50 slpm
Compatible with most popular compact modular substrate systems
1.5" footprint
Available in C-Seal and W-Seal configurations
Flow passages equivalent to 1/4" and 3/8" tubing
Standard flow rates up to 100 slpm (higher flows up to 200 slpm – consult factory)
Compatible with most popular standard modular substrate systems
Materials of Construction: 316L SS, Hastelloy®; C-22 or PENTA®; Nickel
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