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Differential Pressure Switchs
Products are used to detect variations in a fixed difference between two pressures. Common applications include load-lock chambers, gas delivery systems and mini environments.
D36W、D48W Differential Pressure Switch
Tamper proof (factory) setting;
Port 1: Wetted materials in VIM-VAR 316L, Hastelloy C-276 and Inconel;
Electron-beam welded construction;
Highly repeatable "snap action" Belleville spring design;

Medium: Port 1 Any Gas or Liquid 316L Stainless Steel Compatible
Medium: Port 2 Air or Inert Gas
Type: Factory Set
Available Settings: 20 to 250 mm Hg differential
Actuation Value: 20mm Hg +5% of Setting
Repeatability: ± 5mm + 2% of Setting
Proof Pressure (Differential): 100 PSID
Proof Pressure (Both Ports Simultaneously): 300 psig
Operating Temp. Range: 0° to 200°F (-18° to 95°C)
Finish :Port 1 - 10 Ra or Better
Wetted Materials: VIM - VAR 316L, Hastelloy C - 276, and Inconel
Media Connections:
Port 1: 1/4 Male VCR (Female Optional)
Port 2: 1/8 pipe; 1/4 pipe; 1/4 Male VCR
Electrical Connections: Free Leads; Crimp Type Connectors
Min. Operating Life: 500,000 cycles
Approvals: UL
Warranty: 36 months
Options: Custom Fittings; Panel Mount
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