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Mott Porous Metal Chemical Compatibility
Gas and Metal Compatibility Table
Choosing a Mott High Purity Gas Filter:
Choosing the best metal filter is not always a simple matter, because in addition to easily identified variables (i.e., gas, pressure and flow), there are subjective considerations. Some gases are compatible with more than one type of metal which allows you a choice when selecting the right filter for your application.
The information contained in this table is a guideline for appropriate filter selection. Consultation with your gas supplier is recommended to ensure gas compatibility. Because so many factors can affect the chemical resistance of a given product, you should pretest under your own operating conditions. As with any chemical application, safety precautions as noted on MSDS sheets should be observed.

These recommendations are based on published data.
They are general guideline for compatibility.
Variations in gas supply, gas quality, delivery systems, operating conditions, etc. can affect materials performance in gas service.
Customers are urged to consult with their gas supplier to verify materials compatibility.

Mott engineers are available to recommend which filter best meets the criteria of your application. To expedite that selection process, you should have the following information available: Type of Gas, Gas Flow Rate, Inlet (or system) Pressure, Maximum allowable ΔP, Inlet & Outlet Connections, Available Envelope/Footprint Dimensions (if known).
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